The Umbrella Final Agreement (UFA) was reached in 1988 and finalized in 1990. It is the overall ‘umbrella’ agreement of the Yukon Land Claims package and provides for the general agreement made by the three parties in a number of areas. While the agreement is not a legal document, it represents a ‘political’ agreement made between the three parties. The Umbrella Final Agreement contains several main topics from which all of the remaining topics flow. These include land (Ch. 9), compensation moneys (Ch. 19), self-government (Ch. 24), and the establishment of boards and committees and tribunals to ensure the joint management of a number of specific areas (specific chapters).

While the Umbrella Final Agreement provides a framework within which each of the 14 Yukon First Nations will conclude a final claim settlement agreement, all UFA provisions are a part of each First Nation Final Agreement (FNFA). The Final Agreements contain all of the text of the Umbrella Final Agreement with the addition of specific provisions which apply to the individual First Nation.