CYFN Covid Coordination Team Leads Distribution of Covid-19 Testing and Prevention Supplies

By December 6, 2021News Release

Mon., Dec. 6, 2021

WHITEHORSE – The Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN) Covid coordination team is wrapping up the calendar
year with a distribution of Covid-19 rapid tests and a mass supply of disinfectant wipes to Yukon First Nations.

A generous donation by Clorox Canada has enabled distribution of a mass supply of disinfectant wipes to
communities across the north. As part of this pan-northern donation program, plans are underway to distribute
roughly 70,000 packages of disinfectant wipes to Yukon First Nations and NGO’s throughout the Yukon.

The mass distribution of disinfectant wipes comes on the heels of distributions of rapid tests and delivery of two
GeneXpert rapid testing machines to Yukon First Nations made possible through the Public Health Agency of
Canada (PHAC). CYFN’s Covid coordination team and Yukon First Nations received training by PHAC on
administering the rapid tests and on use of the GeneXpert machines. The GeneXpert machines enable lab
quality in-community delivery of test results within 30 minutes and were distributed to two Yukon First Nations
with appropriate facilities and staff to administer the tests.

Ongoing distribution of the rapid tests began this fall and consisted of approximately 7,000 units that were
dispersed among Yukon First Nations. CYFN has a stock of rapid tests on hand and continues to distribute the
tests to Yukon First Nations as-requested.

The Yukon First Nation Covid coordination team was formed by CYFN at the onset of the pandemic to provide
communications and logistical support to Yukon First Nations. The team has been working actively behind the
scenes in cooperation with Yukon First Nations and other partners over the course of the pandemic. Their focus
is on ensuring Yukon First Nations are supported with the information, resources and in this case, materials
needed to support pandemic response within the communities.

It is heartening to see organizations step up to support Yukon First Nations on the front lines of this pandemic
and the most vulnerable in our communities. We thank Clorox for their generous donation which will help Yukon
First Nations and non-profits with infection prevention to make accessing community services safer for Yukon
First Nations. – CYFN Grand Chief Peter Johnston

For further information contact:

Lael Lund
Communications Manager, Council of Yukon First Nations
P: 867.393.9200 ext. 9223 | C: 867.335.3227 |