NEWS RELEASE: CYFN to Coordinate Yukon-Wide Free Distribution of Menstrual Products

WHITEHORSE – The Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN) is launching an initiative to distribute a variety of free menstrual products to benefit Yukon First Nations women and girls.

Funding from Indigenous Services Canada and Yukon government has been provided to CYFN to support this project. The first phase of the project encompasses procurement and warehousing of the menstrual products in addition to working in consultation with Yukon First Nations, Yukon government and NGOs to determine needs and address free public distribution of the products across the territory.

Various menstrual products including pads, tampons, and menstrual cups will be distributed as part of this initiative aimed at addressing period poverty among Yukon First Nations women and girls in the Yukon. Period poverty refers to financial barriers women and girls face related to affording the cost of menstrual products resulting in reduced access.

The second phase of the project will involve the purchase and installation of menstrual product dispensers in schools across the Yukon that will allow students to access a variety of menstrual products free of charge.

CYFN is pursuing a long-term vision of providing ongoing access to menstrual products free of charge in addition to continuing to educate and raise awareness on issues impacting the health of Yukon First Nations women and girls.


CYFN is pleased to be working on the front lines to address menstrual equity by providing Yukon First Nations women and girls by providing access to free menstrual products and advocating to reduce the stigma and impact of period poverty on Yukon First Nations women and girls.
– CYFN Grand Chief Peter Johnston