YFN Graduation 2016, May 27, 2016

CYFN assists the Yukon First Nations Graduation Society (YFNGS) with the annual First Nations graduation ceremony.  This ceremony not only celebrates the graduates’ achievements, but it also illustrates the importance of education and culture to Yukon First Nations people. The graduates come in traditional dress and there are traditional dancers, drummers, and entertainers at the event as well as traditional food. First Nation leaders also attend and present the graduates with their certificates.

CYFN and YFNGS did some successful fundraised through local businesses and their generosity is highly appreciated. Yukon First Nations also contribute to this event and we would not be able to put this event on without them. To all of you who contributed, CYFN and YFNGS would like to thank you for enabling us to host this important and successful event once again this year!

The Yukon First Nation Graduation ceremony is held annually. The actual ceremony will be outdoors. Please dress for the weather.
Each graduate will receive 3 free tickets – one for themselves and two to give away.
Grads will be able to purchase additional tickets in late May; you will be advised of the date and price in early spring.

The number available will depend on how many confirmed graduates we have. Grad Coordinators will attend to each of the 4 High Schools in Whitehorse to sell the tickets; community graduate tickets will be held and graduates can arrange to pick them up until 1 p.m. on the day of the ceremony.

Please be advised that it is the policy of the Yukon First Nations Graduation Committee that in order for First Nation graduates to participate in the graduation ceremony, a student must be of Aboriginal, Inuit or Metis ancestry. In addition to this, all students must be completing their grade 12 year with an academic grade 12 (Dogwood Diploma), Adult Graduation or Leaving School Certificate.

Please fill out this Registration form and send to the Coordinators.
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy please do not hesitate to contact us.
If need more information about First Nation Graduation, please contact us at YFNGraduation@nullgmail.com

Below are photos from the photo booth from the 2017 Native Grad:

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