YFN Culture and Languages in Yukon Schools

The Joint Education Action Plan (JEAP) identified culture and language as one priority for all grades in the school system. “Recognition of the diversity of YFN peoples, communities, languages, cultures, traditions and spiritual practices and the need for culturally appropriate education are embedded within the MOU. The MOU also states that all parties agree that the Yukon education curriculum must include the cultural and linguistic heritage of YFN people” (JEAP, pg. 7). The JEAP was initiated from the 2012 Tripartite MOU on Education Partnerships between YFNs, Yukon and Canada.

Promoters of Culture and Language

Community Education Liaison Coordinators (CELCs), Education Support Workers (ESWs) and Education Outreach Coordinators (EOCs) are employed by their respectable First Nation and connect teachers with the First Nations.

First Nations Programs and Partnerships (FNPP) Unit within Yukon Education focuses on developing effective tools that will better equip educators for teaching First Nations students and working in First Nations communities.

The Yukon Native Language Centre (YNLC) is a training and research facility which provides a range of linguistic and educational services to Yukon First Nations and to the general public. It is located in Yukon College in Whitehorse.

FNPP and YNLC have online resources about culture and language on their websites.


Yukon First Nation Literacy Framework Workshop Report: Working Together, Moving Forward

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