Yukon Native Language Centre Hosts Inaugural Graduation and Fluent Speaker Recognition Ceremony

WHITEHORSE –The Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN) and Yukon Native Language Centre (YNLC) announced today the hosting of the inaugural graduation and fluent Yukon First Nations language speaker recognition ceremony. The event is slated to take place later today at the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre with limited in-person attendance and options for virtual attendance via Zoom and Facebook Live.

The event will honour the eight graduates from the Indigenous Language Proficiency Certificate Program. The program is a partnership between YNLC and Simon Fraser University.

The event will also honour and recognize the commitment and invaluable contributions of fluent speakers of Yukon First Nations languages. The inaugural event will honour 13 fluent speakers of Yukon First Nations languages that were nominated by their communities. Their efforts have been instrumental to the survival of the languages and are key to YNLC’s objectives around language revitalization and commitment to producing fluent speakers.


It is with great pride and sincere appreciation that CYFN honours those grads who have taken the important step to learn and carry our languages. In a time where the majority of our languages are in jeopardy, our work to revitalize our Yukon First Nations languages would not be possible without the contributions of Elder fluent speakers and the enthusiasm of the students who are helping us to ensure that the languages continue to be spoken, heard and celebrated for generations to come. – CYFN Grand Chief Peter Johnston

For further information contact:

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