This page is intended to provide Yukon First Nations communities and governments access to community-specific information on the COVID-19 pandemic. Please share, download and use the information that is useful to your situation. The information is updated regularly.

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Keep current on COVID-19 information as it pertains to the Yukon First Nations Communities, Yukon, Canada and the world.

The Information in this Section focuses on Yukon First Nation Communities. Providing information on how your community can best prepare and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

State of Emergency Update

The State of Emergency declared on November 8, 2021 has officially been lifted as of March 17, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. For more information about the State of Emergency and/or the Civil Emergency Measures Act (CEMA), please click here.

Current Covid-19 Measures in Effect

YFN Traditional Territory COVID and Travel Advisories

Click on the areas of the map that you are going to or traveling through to find out about specific travel advisories in that area. For more information, contact the First Nation or municipal governments.

FAQ: When Should I Get My Next Shot?

Here’s a chart to help you figure out the optimal time for your next dose.
If you have any personal health questions or concerns, be sure to check with your doctor.
You can also call 8-1-1 if you have general questions about COVID-19 vaccines.

Proof of Vaccination Update 

Please be advised that while the State of Emergency was lifted on March 17, 2022 at 11:59 p.m., you may still be asked to show proof of vaccination in some settings. These measures are in effect until further notice.

Get Your Proof of Vaccination Information 

  • electronically on your screen;
  • by email; or
  • by mail.

Vaccine Information for Children

Info for Parents and Guardians on the Pfizer Vaccine for children ages 5-11

Please read this information sheet carefully.

Active Cases

For daily case count updates, visit the Government of Yukon’s COVID-19 Dashboard. Please Note: Case count information posted by the Government of Yukon does not include cases that have been detected using rapid tests.

COVID-19 Case Count

Vaccines Administered

As of April 19, 2022

First shot: 36,575  (89%)
Second shot: 35,059 (85%)
Third shot: 19,991 (53%)

Total doses: 91,625

Vaccine Progress


Of the eligible population in Yukon has received at least one dose of the vaccine. Remember to keep your vaccinations up to date!

Book Vaccine Appointment

Rapid Testing Update

Abbott PanBio Rapid Antigen Test

BTNX Rapid Test

Roche Rapid Antigen Test

NEW! Current Rapid Testing Solutions

As of February 1, 2022, Yukon communities now have four rapid testing solutions available to help with COVID-19 detection:

Rapid tests are safe and less-invasive that standard PCR tests, and can provide results in just a few minutes.

Encourage your friends and family to become familiar with all of the rapid testing options, recognizing that not all tests are alike, and access to some tests may be limited at times. Talk to your First Nation health representative about which tests are currently available in your area, and how to arrange for pick-up or delivery.

You can also contact the territorial agent in your community for more information about the Government of Yukon’s rapid testing program.

Your community Health Centre can also be a helpful resource if you have questions about rapid tests and/or PCR tests.

Healthy Home, Healthy Community

Podcast Feed

Pandemic Planning Policy and Procedures Templates

The following links have been shared by First Nation governments and others for you to use as a template if your government is developing any of the policies or procedures.



Resource Links



Have you heard of ROBO CALLS? Learn more on how this type of service can benefit your community.  Communicate information to your community efficiently in a fraction of the time.

Guide to living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty

WellSet and Heal
Video: COVID-19: Navigating Anxiety, Fear and “Social Distancing”

Domestic violence may increase during the COVID-19 pandemic​


Media Resources

How to use a Rapid Antigen test

Avoiding Spontaneous Indoor Gatherings

See and share more COVID related animations on your socials

November 16, 2020: Message From the Chiefs

June 15, 2020: Gramma Susie sharing information on the “Double Bubble”

May 26/20: Billi Jo shares her experience at home during COVID-19.

Grand Chief Peter Johnston shares his message on keeping safe and doing our part.

Listen to Gramma Susie talk to us about keeping safe and staying positive!

April 27/20: Gramma Susie & Cache Creek Charlie: Havin’ a COVID-19 Zoom date

April 14/20: A Yukon First Nations Family talks about how they’re coping during COVID-19

April 8/20: Luke Campbell talks about keeping healthy during the pandemic in Southern Tutchone.

April 3/20: A message from our Youth! Teya from Kwanlin Dün First Nation talks about why it’s important for Youth to respect social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Print and Share

NEW! Resources and Information

Sharing Information and Resources with your community is one of the best ways to keep everyone informed, up-to-date and feeling more secure in uncertain times. Feel free to download, print and share in your community. The links below include information, posters, graphics regarding isolation, vaccinations, vaccines and safe practices.

Educate Yourself

Please read this information sheet carefully and ensure all your questions have been answered by a health-care provider before receiving the vaccine.

Moderna Vaccine Information

Appointments are available for adults and youth age 12 and older. Book your appointment or find information about drop-in times.

Seek Help During Crisis

  • Crisis Text Line (Powered by Kids Help Phone) Canada Wide
    free, 24/7 texting service is accessible immediately to youth anywhere in Canada by texting TALK to 686868 on any text/SMS enabled cell phone.
  • KidsHelpPhone Ages 20 Years and Under in Canada 1-800-668-6868 (Online or on the Phone)
  • First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness 24/7 Help Line 1-855-242-3310
  • Canadian Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line 1-866-925-4419
  • First Nations Health Authority (BC)

The Yukon Native Language Centre, Council of Yukon First Nations and respective Yukon First Nations, are pleased to provide posters and pictures of “Encouragement Phrases” in all 8 Yukon First Nations languages.

Download in your language.

The Information in this Section focuses on Yukon Government and territory wide COVID-19 information. More detailed information can be found on the Yukon website.

Download, Print, Post

The following links are to various signage and posters that can be used in and around your community. 

The Information in this Section focuses on Federal COVID-19 information. More detailed information can be found on the Canada website.

COVID-19 TrackerCoronavirus disease (COVID-19): Outbreak update Sign up to “Get Updates on COVID-19” from the Government of Canada

Canada COVID-19 Support App

Application de support COVID-19 du Canada

The app will let you receive the latest updates, trusted resources, and self-assess your symptoms.

L’application vous permettra de recevoir les dernières mises à jour, des ressources fiables et d’auto-évaluer vos symptômes.

Prime Minister’s News Feed

Check it out! Assistance for Youth

Think you might have symptoms?

Download, Print, Post

The following links are to various signage and posters that can be used in and around your community.