CYFN delivers emergency infant-care supplies to rural communities

June 9, 2020

The Council of Yukon First Nations has purchased and is delivering approximately $15,000 in infant-care items to rural communities after the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in ‘panic buying’ and a subsequent shortage of diapers, wipes and formula in stores throughout the territory.

CYFN was alerted of the shortage when residents in Old Crow requested support to obtain infant-care items for 14 families who were either expecting a newborn or who had children under two-years-old. CYFN acknowledged that the shortages were likely affecting all of rural Yukon and began arranging for shipments to be delivered to 12 communities. The deliveries began in April and the last of the infant supplies are being delivered this week.

The load of infant-care supplies includes 171 boxes of wipes, 202 boxes of diapers and 111 containers of powdered infant formula. Local businesses assisted in various ways; Shoppers Drug Mart donated infant formula, chocolate and colouring books; A1 Delivery donated free storage and Save-On Foods negotiated with suppliers to send the extra items to its store.


CYFN is pleased to assist Yukon First Nations in rural communities to ensure essential supplies are available during these challenging times.

Council of Yukon First Nations Grand Chief Peter Johnston



Juliann Fraser
Communications Advisor

Council of Yukon First Nations
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