News Release: Yukon Salmon Ceremony and Gathering – Calling the Salmon Back Concludes

By February 22, 2022News Release

Tues., February 22, 2022

WHITEHORSE – The Council of Yukon First Nations’ Yukon First Nation Salmon Stewardship Alliance (YFNSSA) hosted the first Annual Salmon Ceremony and Gathering on February 21st and 22nd

The ceremony and gathering is the focus of the Yukon Salmon Knowledge Hub, a three-year initiative funded by the Canadian Mountain Network and administered by CYFN. This knowledge hub is made up of Yukon First Nations, knowledge keepers, youth, academic, non-profit, and industry partners. The goals of the hub over the coming three years include:

  • revitalizing the connections between salmon, people, and landscape through culture, ceremony, language and story;
  • supporting knowledge production and transfer across generations;
  • co-developing Yukon First Nations-led and community-based salmon programs to enhance fisheries research, management and restoration efforts;
  • supporting Yukon First Nations-led research through partnership and within the intersection of different knowledge systems.

The event “Yukon Salmon Ceremony and Gathering – Calling the Salmon Back” featured youth and Elders sharing ceremony, songs, stories, language and wisdom that will help support Yukon salmon in the future.


For so long we have watched the salmon decline. They have been counted and measured and in large part they have been “managed” using western science alone. It is time for salmon people to honour the salmon and lift each other up in ceremony, song, story, language, traditions and culture. This is a time to celebrate, support, or “call the salmon back” in a way that is special to people, families, citizens and communities. –  Grand Chief Peter Johnston

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