Yukon First Nations Chiefs Announce Priorities to Advance with Government Post-Election

WHITEHORSE – The Council of Yukon First Nations Chiefs have announced priorities to advance with the new minority government following the result of the recent territorial election. In response to Yukon’s minority government, Yukon First Nations Chiefs are highlighting the importance of collaboration and coordination between Yukon First Nations and Yukon government with respect to carrying out work to address Yukon First Nations priorities.

Yukon First Nations Chiefs have identified the following priority areas to address in cooperation
with the new government:

  1. Implementation of the Yukon First Nation procurement policy.
  2. Development of new territorial lands and mineral management legislation.
  3. Address Yukon First Nation concerns relating to K-12 education.
  4. Supporting Yukon First Nation children and families.

The Council of Yukon First Nations is meeting with each Party Leader this week and looks forward to working closely with those recently elected in the territorial election. CYFN is committed to building a solid foundation for productive working relationships by establishing open communication and collaboration on addressing issues that matter to Yukon First Nations.

CYFN congratulates those elected in the recent territorial election. Yukon First Nations are prepared to continue the work of advancing Yukon First Nations priorities in this new minority environment. We are confident that through relationship building and communication, common ground can be found in working together and continue to advance Yukon First Nations priorities. – CYFN Grand Chief Peter Johnston

For further information contact:

Lael Lund
Communications Manager
Council of Yukon First Nations
P: 867.393.9200 ext. 9223 | C: 867.335.3227
cyfn.ca | communications@nullcyfn.net